Lucy L. Currò defines her projects as the “screenplays of dreams”. Sphera medical journal and its Special Edition offshoots is meticulously researched and then amplified by subconscious musings, memories and dreams. “If a scientific container is a whole without borders,” says Lucy, “Sphera instead requires borders and has to belong to a horizon. It therefore becomes an individual and characteristic survey, but at the same time a mirror of science and society, a perpective virtuosity coherent with dreams, medicine and the creation of beauty”. A graduate in Psychology, Lucy was born in Verona in '64, the daughter of cult film actress Wilma Covello (seen in the Totò films) who later became a teacher at the Academy of the Dramatic Arts in Rome, and her father the Spanish theatre director Lino Currò, who together with his wife founded a permanent theatre company in Bologna at the beginning of the sixties. Lucy didn't immediately choose to work in publishing. She started out as a writer of poetic essays and screenplays which were published in four volumes: “For those who can hear you” (poems); “The Fairy Book” (poetic essays); “The man of illusions” (Essay on misanthropy); and “Beyond borders” (monologue). At nineteen years of age she contributed to “Only for Fans” and “Popstar” music magazines, later becoming the Editor-in-chief of the arts and culture magazine “Bologna, yesterday, today, and tomorrow”, and the “Voyager” magazine. From '96 until '99 she worked on the following medical journals: Auxilia, Linfologia, Health care News and Gymnasium. She then transferred to Ravenna where she collaborated on “Bmm” magazine for over a year as Editor-in-chief. She then dedicated herself to the creation of Sphera Medical Journal which was launched in 2004. She founded the “Glittering Arts” publishing house in 2005 with the collaboration of the most important names in Italian medicine who together produce the Sphera Special Editions. A Buddist by faith since 1986, Lucy produces her work based on the principle of “creating value”.