Martha Currò, Lucy's older sister, analyses the foreign market. She values the need for new ideas and an eye to the future. She is always looking for the creative artists of the future. The terms friendly and lively form part of her biography. A cosmopolitan outlook and flexibility are her intentions in providing Sphera abroad. “I think that people are ready for new experiences,” says Martha. “With this knowledge I want to communicate the love that I have for Sphera. Whoever lets themselves be touched by the world of Sphera in a creative way is a person that thinks with their heart.” Born in Venice, she studied languages and chose London as the capital of her training. She remained in England for five years where she studied and worked as a marketing manager for companies in the world of fashion and art. She returned to her hometown, Bologna, to explore new solutions of continuty between art criticism/journalism and marketing. She is determined to convey the idea of change as synomynous with improvement, not for growing old together, but instead to continue maintaining, if anything, a little bit of romance, an aroma that wafts over its intentions, involving the emotional side of the reader for an instant. Her goal for Sphera is that its readers throw open the journal as they would a magical gate to a welcoming scented garden, with a perpetually blue sky above, rich in colour and a wonder to observe. Just like a dignified English waiter dressed in an elegant black uniform and white gloves, she will guide you to the best table in a sophisticated restaurant: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Sphera!