Nicky Bazzi wanted to find a narrative formula that could include an infinite number of stories while at the same time dismantle the traditional form of “photograpic or paining exhibit”. Whilst conducting shows for Sphera, Nicky tries to narrate in both a contemporary manner as well as a bit nostalgic, but always hopelessly “european” (as she loves to define herself) in fascinating symbolic layers. Along with her great skill of finding places perfect to stage a fairy tale, she forces the Sphera staff into a whirlpool of conception and production. Nicky always manages to deny the cliché with her illuminations in the name of unbridled eclecticism, making the Sphera medical journal's show the event of the magazine. Nicky, class of '68, comes from Ravenna. She works as a curator and art critic. She organizes shows and cultural events all over Europe. She has been collaborating with Sphera medical journal since 2005.