Glittering Arts Editing
Suspended in the silence of winter seastorms
Far from the hustle of the city
We recreate the dream, we materialize it, we build the dreamy part that is unreachable, using unusual combinations, forever stimulating a demand for our rational needs.
We reflect upon the culture and values of the Western world in our projects. Our logo is a shining star, an icon of a starry sky.
We use the symbols of well-being, reworking them, extracting them from the media universe:
Virtual female figures–a tableaux vivant
We interact with the reader
A love for life is our philosophy
We recreate imperfections too, through photography, within an overcharging scientific framework.
The eye is the focus of our research, the timeless models, medicine and the conflicts of human life, the essence of the face, the body and gestures, mixing together different eras.
We try to rebuild the human reader
Both soloists and groups, we share the same intents. We build editorial projects combining different souls (art–medicine–culture–photography–philosophy–literature)
We celebrate excess searching for a cultural mediation, shaking off the academic and narrow-minded styles as regards to reality
We have a drink and discuss aloud, taking off our shoes without thinking twice in order to create our work and arrive from plain passageways straight to the heart of the matter.
Sphera medical journal is a domestic gallery, a wide range of suggestions and solutions rich in imaginative freedom.
This is how we address our projects
Stimulating the dream is the hardest thing to reach; you need to recreate it, take care of every nuance, thinking how it will effect the body and mind of the observer.
We hope that whoever opens Sphera will consider it as a moment to dedicate themselves to the elimination of toxins and to the harmony of composition.

Welcome to Glittering Arts.




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